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Rhyne designs can provide a wide range of Landscape Architectural services for your project.  

We specialize in residential work at a wide variety of scales including:

Small urban spaces
Suburban yards
Multi-family housing
Large rural sites

(Inquiries about non-residential work are also welcome)

Rhyne designs has the ability to look comprehensively at a property and take it from a blank slate to detailed drawings for construction.  We also enjoy being part of a project team of Architects, Engineers and Interior Designers for completely integrated design solutions.  We can design everything from the building edge to the property line and even guide the locating of buildings on the site.  We are also happy to
provide more limited services such as input on an Architect’s exterior paving layout with  
a complementary planting design.  Our range of specific services includes:

Master Planning and Site Programming
Helping to decide what elements will be built on a site, their general sizes, functions, locations and relationships.  This information can be used to divide a project up into smaller parts for phased installation.  This is especially useful for sites of 1/2 acre or more.

Site Planning
This addresses the arrangement of the major elements on a site, how they fit into existing topography and vegetation, and how people and vehicles circulate between them.  This may include conceptual location of septic fields, wells and other utilities on rural sites.

Conceptual Landscape Design
This is a first step to generate ideas for the look and feel of various landscape elements, usually generating multiple design alternatives for consideration before moving into more detail.  In some cases this level of design can be enough for a small project with a quality contractor who can craft the details themselves.

Paving and Site Structures
Detailed design and materials selection for driveways, patios, terraces, walkways, stairs, walls, fencing, trellises, swimming pools, water features, sport courts, site furniture, sculpture and other hardscape elements.  Coordination with engineers and contractors on structural details.

Planting and Irrigation
Creating artful combinations of plantings for edible gardens, color accents, native habitat, evergreen screening, and many other beautiful possibilities, all grouped according to water use, with detailed plant lists for installation and zoned plans that guide the installation of the irrigation.

Grading and Drainage
Shaping of the land for interesting design effects and creating functional outdoor spaces while providing for the proper slope stability and rainwater drainage, and preparing conceptual plans that guide either the installation or allow for more detailed development by an Engineer.

Landscape Lighting
Selection and layout of light fixtures for night-time outdoor living, special events and safety, in coordination with the building mounted lighting.

Production of drawings, meetings and public presentations as needed for City/County approval of landscape work including Design Review, Building Permits, Water Efficiency Compliance, and others.

Indoor-Outdoor Integration
A key component of any successful project worth listing on its own, we love to work closely with Architects and Interior Designers to create strong and seamless connections between indoors and outdoors, which also contributes to a more sustainable design.

Comprehensive Sustainability Planning
We are passionate about having the built environment become an environmental asset that minimizes resource use and regenerates the surroundings.  A comprehensive approach can identify important concepts and beneficial linkages outside the property, taking the project’s sustainability to a new level.  We also welcome the opportunity to assist with official certification of a project through one of the rating systems such as LEED, Greenpoint, or Bay Friendly.

Bidding, Construction, Move-In and Beyond
We believe that great design does not end with pretty drawings.  We prefer to continue to be involved with any project throughout the construction process and even years beyond as the plantings mature.  This may include assistance with contractor selection, sketches and clarifications during construction, regular site visits, punch list walk-throughs, and post-construction maintenance walk-throughs on a seasonal basis.

We look forward to talking to you more about the specific services we can provide for your project!  See my Approach page for more details on my design process and philosophy, and my Blog for more discussion on landscape sustainability.

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