North Napa Residence

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The landscape design for this 1 acre property focuses on framing key vineyard views from the new house while screening other edges and providing a variety of outdoor living spaces.  The lovely view from the home’s central living area is given a foreground of simple, uncluttered outdoor spaces including a swimming pool terrace, a recreational lawn and a bocce court.  These spaces are flanked by an Olive tree grove with a fire pit, a grid of trees and gravel for visitor parking, and other drought tolerant screen plantings.  An outdoor kitchen sits at one corner of the pool terrace, with an elegant outdoor dining space defined by shade trees and festive lighting.  The necessary septic system drain field is incorporated into the design with a meadow of wavy bands of low flowering plants, many of them California natives.  A set of raised beds for vegetable gardening and a backyard garden of striking drought tolerant plants such as Ceanothus, New Zealand Flax, Lavender and native grasses add to the variety of this wonderful residence for family fun and entertaining.

Project Architect – Marissa Brandon
Landscape Contractor – Saquelares Landscape and Irrigation

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