Napa Courtyard Estate

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This new house set in the vineyards north of Napa is shaped to form a large courtyard space and frame views of the beautiful hills to the west.  The landscape design works to complement the architecture and create a variety of elegant spaces for outdoor living.  This begins with a sunken outdoor living room with a fountain at its center, followed by a sitting area intended for a fire pit, and then a lawn that widens out to frame the swimming pool.  Palm trees in raised stone planters add punctuation to the spaces, and provide welcome shade.  A bocce court and an outdoor dining area flank the pool, along with a well-equipped pool house kitchen and bar.  Colorful plantings surround the outdoor spaces and the outer edges have Olive trees, native grasses and other water conserving species to create a nice transition to the vineyards and round out this spectacular setting for Napa Valley living.

Designed in collaboration with Holder Design Associates, MJC Development and Westwind Construction.  Interior design by Jennifer Nagle (including outdoor furnishings).  Landscape construction by Westwind and Landesign (of Santa Rosa).

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