Hillsborough Residential Estate

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This Lutsko Associates project was envisioned as an Italian Villa nestled within a mature native Oak Woodland.   An existing house on a ridge among large Live Oaks was renovated and expanded to include accessory structures and rectilinear terraces.  More formal plantings within the terraces give way to grass and wildflower meadows and native woodland plantings under the existing Oaks.  The adjacent lot was merged with this property, leading to the creation of an entirely new entrance off the street.  This new entry included major re-grading to transform an underground culvert into a stream, with a steel bridge and extensive riparian plantings.  The client desired high quality design and custom details were developed for numerous elements of the project.  This project changed in scope and direction several times during construction and, as the Project Manager, I conducted weekly site visits and had to make rapid drawing revisions to keep pace with the construction schedule. This project was published in Landscape Architecture Magazine in 2007.

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