Belvedere Hillside Gardens

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For the landscape on this hillside property in the town of Belvedere, the desire was to create new and improved outdoor spaces to complement the recent home remodel.  A key design problem was creating an elegant approach to the front door located on the back side of the house.  This was accomplished with a beautifully made board formed concrete retaining wall and Bluestone steps, leading up to a small courtyard entry space with carefully designed paving patterns and a fountain.  This paving pattern continues around the side of the house, becoming less formal and defining a small contemplative space with a bench in the corner.  A new habitat garden was created on the far side of the house with a small sitting area to watch the butterflies and hummingbirds, with its own view of the Bay.  Below the house an existing terrace was enlarged and improved with new paving, cable railings, and lighting.  A second sport court terrace was created further down the hill for family fun.  This project successfully navigated a lengthy Design Review permitting process with the City and met all agency requirements for fire safety and water conservation.

Designed in collaboration with Marissa Brandon Architecture.  Paving, fences, walls and related construction work by MacNamara Construction, planting and irrigation installed by Saquelares Landscape & Irrigation.

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